General Information

The “Mas de Costerelle” is situated in the northern part of the Department Vaucluse. The nearest Motorway is the A7 “Auotroute du Soleil” and the appropriate exit just 4km away (N°19 “Bollène”).
“Mas de Costerelle” belongs to the community of Bollène which is at the borderline between the Rhone valley and the foothills of the southern parts of the French “Sea-Alps”.

Due to the very convenient access to the Mas de Costerelle, the journey times to reach the location by car are approximately as follows:
01h 40min  Lyon
05h 30min  
Paris (Banlieue)
06h 15min  
08h 15min  
10h 10min  
10h 30min  
07h 15min  
08h 50min  
Travelling South towards the Mediterranean sea:
1h 30min  Cassis
1h 20min  Marseille
1h 10min  Aigues-Mortes
1h 30min  Sète
2h 50min  Nizza                            
Further well known places of interest in the surrounding area:
Mont Ventoux,
Gorges de l’Ardeche,
Pont St’-Esprit,
Pont du Gard,
….., etc. 

The Surroundings

A vast number of activities can be enjoyed directly from the Mas as well as visiting many different, interesting and picturesque villages and historic Roman heritages.

Some interesting attractions nearby include:

– Suze-la-Rousse with the wine-University
– Pierrelatte, Ferme des Crocodiles, the crocodile farm
– Vaison-la-Romaine, the roman digs
– Mont Ventoux, THE mountain of the Provence (2000above sea level) and “biker’s paradise”
– Orange, huge roman heritage

– Avignon, Ville des Papes, the medieval Pope Town

– Pont-du-Gard, the N°1 aqueduct of the world
If you know of any other destinations which are more interesting the Mas, then
please let us know by email !