The Gîtes/Appartments

The Mas de Costerelle consists of the main house, an old inoperative vinery and the pool house area.

The living quarters of the main house contains 4 apartments of which 3 are available for holiday let.

Each apartment is fully equipped and consists of a spacious living and kitchen room, two bedrooms, each having a separate bathroom with shower and toilet.

A central service room is available for use by guests and is equipped with washing machines and a dryer. The caretakers, who do live on site, can assist our guests to their convenience.

Appartment “Michael”                                          Appartment “Henri”

Size approx. 130m2, for 6 persons,                                                                                  Size is approx. 65m2, for 4 persons,
consiting of 2 storeys plus a part of the overlooking tower                                        consisting of the groundfloor and the 1st floor.

Appartment “Ludwig”

Size is about 75m2, for 4-6 persons,
consisting of the groundfloor and the 1stfloor